Helsinki Mindfulness

Helsinki Mindfulness

Helsinki-Mindfulness-studio-Bulevardi-31-HelsinkiHelsinki Mindfulness offers mindfulness courses mainly in Finnish, but we offer the trainings in English as well whenever there is a group of people ready for it.

The trainings can be take a place at our Hietalahti studio, Bulevardi 31, Helsinki or in your place.

In our studio there is a space for 12 people plus a teacher with safe distances. Please see the photo. You can just come, everything is there ready for you. Yoga mats, blankets, pillows and meditation chairs. Also the normal chairs are available.


erja-lahdenpera-helsinki-mindfulnessTeacher Erja Lahdenperä

Well experienced, skillful teacher Erja Lahdenperä provides mindfulness training with heartfulness. That helps to overcome the normal critical state of mind and observe the reality as it is, with those things which bring us pleasures and those more uncomfortable issues which might cause us even pain. In the end of the day we need to be able to work with the reality just as it is. We cannot change the reality. The only thing what we can change is our attitude towards it. And that´s is exactly how we can change the reality too. Seeing the reality as it is then we can act wisely, making more space for that what helps us to move on.


Mindfulness for your own organization

You may as well order them into your organization. We provide shorter and longer training’s like one hour introduction, half day training and 30-45 minutes training’s once in a week.

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